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Beginning Of Mike Kaufher Wine Selection

In 2010, after my family visited Tuscany, I started thinking about how I might share some of the experiences with friends and acquaintances. I decided to personally select and offer some remarkable wines online at very good prices.
I had to decide some things early on the path to opening my online retail Wine Selection.
On the one hand, my customers would be looking for good value. My experience has led me to define value as a bottle of wine that complements food, conversation and relationships; wine that gives that pause after you study it and then sip it, and then you, or someone you're with says,"This is good... what is it?" Then, after the next sip, "Well, where'd you get it?"
The other half of the value conversation comes later when your satisfied guests shop for the wine and get a gentle shock of surprise at the affordable price, all costs for shipping and handling included without having to leave your home office or whatever location you choose for delivery.
Next, I wanted to avoid the wines that were already available in wine shops, groceries and online. Over the years I've discovered that what I like tends to agree with some pretty discriminating palates. People who like wine also tend to like the wines I like.
There was also the question of discussing the wine. Wine speaks for itself.  I decided to let the wine do the talking to me, as your guide, and then I get out of the way.
Every palate is different and we each have a unique encounter when we pour a glass of wine. Each time we sample a wine, we are different and so is the wine.
I decided not to confuse with a description of what you would encounter as much as to illuminate the experience I had when I encounter the wine - at the winery, from the barrel or the bottle at the table when I served the wine with food. The wine would do the talking. I'm the interpreter. No overblown "wine speak". Just the wine, it's neighborhood, it's makers and the experience I had selecting what I present on my website. 

Let's Tour Some Fine Imported Wines Together